Department of Computer Science

In today’s world we cannot live without computer. It is changing all aspects of our life and lifestyle. To survive in this world, we must keep pace with the changes. To cope up in this competitive world our department of Computer Science emerged in the year 2006.

The activities of our department are:

  • Seminar on Current topics
  • Workshop on Designing software to the outgoing students
  • Expo on hardware and software
  • Paper presentation
  • Competition to other department students in Photoshop designing
  • Computer Talent exams for +2 students
  • Industrial visit and tour
  • Aptitude coaching for outgoing students
  • To explore the expo on basic parts and functioning of the computer

  Name   R. WAHEETHA  
  Designation  Associate Professor (H.O.D)  
  Qualification   M.C.A, M.Phil  
  Year of experience 12  
  Field of Specialization Parallel Processing  
  Contact Address

Holy Cross Home Science College, 52, New Colony,Thoothukudi – 628 003.

  No. of seminars attended 5
  Designation  Assistant Professor  
  Qualification   M.C.A  
  Year of experience 7  
  Field of Specialization Visual Basic  
  Contact Address

9, Periya Kovil street,Thoothukudi-1

  No. of National seminars attended 6
  No. of workshop attended 3
  Name   R.AME RAYAN  
  Designation  Assistant Professor  
  Qualification   M.C.A. M.PHIL  
  Year of experience 7 years  
  National Seminars Attented   2  
  Contact Address


  E-mail -
  Name   V.SUBHA  
  Designation  Assistant Professor  
  Qualification   B.Sc, M.C.A.  
  Year of experience 1 year 6 months  
  Contact Address

107J/12 X,Anna Nagar 2nd Street, Millerpuram, Tuticorin-628008.