Alumni Association

"Let us praise His name together!" - Psalm 34:3

Holy Cross Home Science College is an ardent worker for the upliftment of women education. Ever since its inception in 1975, Holy Cross Home Science College has contributed in the pursuit of knowledge, discipline and acquiring skills to excel in the near future.

We stand with our heads raised high in the vast civilized society bearing the tag of a Crossian. The college has imprinted not only education but has also developed us into intellectually enlightened, morally upright, spiritually oriented, emotionally mature, socially committed and successful women. Alumni association, as always stand as a chord that keeps the relationship strong between the passed out students and their alma mater.
Such association not only enhances the relationship, but also a quest to rekindle their memories of past years. The Holy Cross Alumni Association is one of the most vibrant wings of the college. It encourages alumni across the world to stay connected to their Alma Mater.
The association is a second chance for the passed out students, to relive their college life through their active participation in the college activities. The success of the alumni lies in the active participation of its members. The Alumni Association aims to support the motto of our college "Love and Serve". It also has taken an initiative to engage in the activities that promote the reputation of our college. It is a quintessential example Sheep scatter without a Shepard, similarly unless there is a leader, organising alumni meetings stay as a sour fruit. For this purpose, eminent leaders are designated and placed in the following posts:

  • Patron – Rev.Dr.Sr.Mary Hilda
  • Alumini President– Mrs.M.P.Gayathri
  • Alumini Secretary– Ms.R.Anantha Laxmi
  • Staff Treasurer – Mrs.Geraldine P Rayen
  • Staff Convener - Mrs.S.M.D.Mathuravalli
The Annual meetings scheduled to be held on the second Saturday in the month of August every academic year have been indeed momentous. The elections for the post for the alumni president and secretary will be conducted once in three years. The Annual Alumni Meet assists the college in engaging both current and the next generation of alumni in building attendance of the event. After the tenure of three years for the members of the alumni association, elections are held on the Annual Alumni Day for the new eminent members to take charge.

In recent years, Holy Cross Home Science College Alumni Association has made a great progress in its mission to enable alumni connections and foster a meaningful and lasting relationship. It has been a roller coaster ride for the alumni in past years, but now this has seen a steady growth, attracting more students and a strong reach. In order to create a strong bond with the alumni and to drop a line with them to ensure their active partaking in the association activities, the members of the alumni associations have created a powerful network through the World Wide Web.
The websites to look out for is:

The e-mail exclusively created for the Alumni Association is Further more steps have been taken to impart the maximum benefit of old students to our Alma Mater.

As a part of our wonderful wing we have planned to do more welfare activities in order to bring vibrancies in the college by the alumni, the following are the activities planned by the association

  • To conduct seminars and workshops at the intercollegiate level
  • To conduct intra college competitions
  • To strengthen communication between alumni and the College and to develop and support alumni volunteer leadership
  • To increase the alumni volunteer base and alumni participation and involvement in college activities
  • To enhance alumni participation in fund raising activities

Therefore, I would request all the alumni to give a reach to our Alumni Association among the old students of our college and also to involve in activities for the betterment of our college.