• Holy Cross Home Science College
    ThoothukudiAffiliated to Manonmaniam Sundaranar University, Tirunelveli. Re-Accredited with 'B' Grade By NAAC
  •                           Job Hunting - 04/01/2018       
  • CROP IV (Nutritional Assessment) - 27/01/2018       
  • Industrial Visit IV Visit to Reastaurant and Bakery Unit - 07/02/2018       
  • Consillium Psycho - Path for Teens (09/02/2018)      


Laboratory details

 Biochemistry Lab

  • Develop the basic skills of volumetric analysis methods
  • Carryout basic calorimetric technique and qualitative tests
  • Quantitatively estimate the nutrients in food and body fluids

  •  Nutrition lab

  • Standardization of recipies
  • Plan and organize diet for different age groups and diseases
  • Highlight the special considerations of planning diet for differently ables

  •  Family Resource Management lab

  • To plan time, money, energy management and to prepare budget
  • Highlight the principles of design in relation with the room arrangement
  • To prepare house plan based on income status
  • To learn the principles of flower arrangement

  •   Human Development lab

    • To facilitate the students in observing the emotional, social and physical development of the children in Nursery School
    • To develop teaching aids for children
    • To promote the teaching ability of the students

    Department Book Bank

       Department Book Bank contains 245 books including reference books and text books.