Computer Lab

Computer department has a well equipped computer lab for the practicals. There are 19 computers in our computer lab. By this, students are trained both theoretically & practically. This makes the students to get a job in good companies. They are also trained in some added courses like skilled training Programmes organized by the Departments. They are allowed to do group work or to have some collaborative project-based learning.

Fashion Designing Lab

The facilities available in the Fashion Designing Lab

  • Industrial machines
  • Over lock machines
  • Sewing machines
  • Cutting tables
  • Mannequins
  • Fitting room
  • Selves for art display
  • Hangers

Textile Testing Lab

The Textile Testing Lab has unique features for the students to learn about the physical structure from the fiber stage to the fabric stage. This helps the students to become a quality control officer in any textile and garment industry.

Equipments available in the testing lab

  • Baer sorter
  • Twist tester
  • Yarn count
  • Stiffness tester
  • Crease recovery
  • Drape meter
  • Crock meter
  • Thickness tester
  • Weighing balance
  • Pick glass
  • Gray scale

Browsing Centre

The browsing centre has 19 high configured computers connected with internet and intranet facilities. All the departments, the administrative offices, library and the hostels have been provided with internet and intranet. The staff in-charge monitors, executes various technical issues of the transaction of the computer centre and reports them to the principal. Students are allowed to access information through internet during the college hours in the browsing centre. Students are allowed to browse three hours in a week, with a maximum duration of one hour per day.

The laboratory is also meant for the students of the Departments of Commerce and Commerce with Computer Application and the Department of Fashion Designing to do their computer practical.

The Browsing lab is also utilized beyond the curriculum for the add-on courses by the students of various departments of the college. Courses on Computer Basics, MS-Office and Tally are offered to the students who preferred them.

Students responsibilities

  • Should not tamper with system settings.
  • Should keep their belongings outside browsing center.
  • Should not visit illegal or un-authorized sites.
  • Should report to the lab assistant if any problem arises.
  • Should avoid chatting, social sites, playing music/movies and similar un-academic activities.

Nutrition Lab

Department of food Science and Nutrition has well equipped labs for,

  • Biochemistry
  • Nutrition
  • Family Resource Management
  • Human Development